Bird and wildlife fun for park visitors

Information provided by the RSPB

People recently turned up to the Avenham Park Pavilion as The RSPB and a Preston City Council Park Ranger were on hand to teach people about birds and wildlife.

The event started at 10am in which people could visit a stand dedicated to bird and wildlife information and speak to a member from the RSPB charity.

Preston City Council Ranger Andy Kennion was also on hand to teach people about bird feeders and give people the opportunity to create their own.

RSPB representative Hugo Charlton-Jones later provided the visitors a guided walk around Avenham Park, in order to provide people with further information about birds and wildlife within the park.

People young and old attended the event throughout the day which lasted until 4pm. Many of the young children were actively involved in making bird feeders whilst parents and members of the public were provided with bird, wildlife and charity information.

Two of the couples who attended the event also furthered their interest in the charity and signed up for a RSPB membership.

RSPB charity representative Hugo Charlton-Jones commented on the event, “We aim to give people an experience and make people more aware of their local environment. We also hope to teach people about birds, general wildlife and their habitats in a way which is both fun and informative.”

Local resident Petra Moffat attended the event with her family and gave her view on the day’s event. “We live close to the park and regularly come to events like this. I think it’s good to take the children along to as it gives them the opportunity to have fun but also to learn about the environment. We really enjoyed today’s event and have all signed up for RSPB memberships after seeing what the charity provides.”

Also speaking about the event was Preston City Council Park Ranger Andy Kennion who said, “The event is all about making full use of the local park and facilities. We aim to create a good experience in which people can have fun and learn. It’s great to work with charities such as the RSPB and we plan to host more events like this one in the future.”

Where the event took place

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Timline of the day’s event

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Museum hosts tea for the troops talk

People who attended the talk giving their views

The Harris Museum provided an afternoon talk recently, giving people information about Preston’s role in providing refreshments to soldiers and sailors during two world wars.

The museum curator and her colleague provided the talk which started at 1pm in the Preston local history section on the museum’s first floor.

Throughout the talk people were provided with information on the role of Preston women in providing free buffets and cups of tea to soldiers and sailors passing through Preston stations during both world war one and two.

There was also a table set up with relevant artefacts in preparation for the talk. Some of the items included cups, badges, photographs and letters from the time, most of which were passed around in order to give people a greater insight into the subject.

Many of the people who attended were actively involved within the talk, helping to provide a greater overview on the subject by giving their own personal experiences and knowledge.

Museum Curator Emma Heslewood commented on the event and said “We aim to give people an insight into the history of Preston and this event allowed us to touch upon a story that will be featured in our new history gallery in 2012. We also aimed to attract local women who have connections with the story and it was good to see so many of them turn up and share their own personal experiences on the subject.”

Helen Carey an ex-museum guide from Ashton on Ribble, Preston attended the event and said “I have learned a few things from attending today’s talk but I think the best part was hearing from those who had past experiences on the subject as they give more depth and information on the subject.”

Museum Assistant Howard Robinson spoke about the event and said “We regularly host events like this and in doing so we hope to give people a greater insight into the history of Preston and allow them to visit our galleries. We are hoping that the museum will be regenerated in 2012 and our current talks are based on aspects which are likely to feature in our new galleries if the planning goes ahead.”

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Interview with Museum CuratorEmma Heslewood

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