Climate hush results in smouldering bush

A wildfire warning to us all

If any event in history should spark us all into emergency action, it has to be this one.

For weeks now wildfires have pounded the Australian bush.

New record-breaking temperatures have conjured a smouldering demon that is destroying everything in its path.

It is believed that an area almost the size of England has been ravaged by the blaze, annihilating everything it touches.

Millions of animals lay chargrilled across the land. Hundreds of homes have gone up in smoke. People across New South Wales have fled to god only knows where. Day has turned to a sinister orange and smoke-filled night and what’s worst is that the Aussie summer is only just getting going.

Some might argue that bush-fires are a natural occurrence that happens down under every year, and that may well be the case.

However this year’s firebomb has gone far beyond what could be classified as normal.

This is the terrifying reality of climate change right now in year 2020.

Aside from the immediate carnage and deep sadness at its devastation, what is most concerning is what happens in the aftermath.

Tons of c02 has been released back into the atmosphere. As if levels were not high enough as they were, the grave repercussion of this disaster doesn’t bare thinking about.

But unless you have decided to wave the white flag or remain oblivious until the sorry end, we MUST think about it!

It has been far to easy for us to make light of the situation in the past.

Far too many of us have shrugged off the warnings as scaremongering. The raving tree-huggers are after attention again, trying to turn us all vegan, many have cried.

As dramatic as this all sounds, after seeing the sickening images of Oz in anarchy, it is the only way I can communicate my thoughts.

By now we should all know what needs to be done to curb our carbon footprint and don’t get me wrong we are making progress.

But let’s be honest, they are simply baby steps.  

However my angry outcries are primarily directed at the big corporate companies and governments across the world.

Perhaps we all need to stop swinging our weight around in a pre-empt for world war 3 and start working together to take immediate and drastic action.

Perhaps when the weather burns through the millionaire’s fat cat wallet, maybe then we might see some serious action being taken. 

But maybe then it might be too late.

I sincerely hope that the best side of humanity prevails this time around; for all our sakes!