Post University

Mind over motivation


I wonder how many people find everyday existence a continual battle. And I don’t mean in I want to end it all kind of way. I’m just curious as to whether its a common trait amongst graduates in their mid 20’s find themselves in a scrap for fulfilment.

Not to lower the tone with pessimistic viewpoints but I just wanted to ponder this thought as a means to go on.

I’m sure anyone reading this will be thinking, this guy needs help. I can assure you that depression is not an issue, but I appreciate the concern anyway. No the biggest ailment I find that plagues me, is frustration.

Interestingly, my beef isn’t necessarily against the many difficulties of life. Anyone who is familiar with some of my previous posts will know I like to have a bit of a rant about many of life’s problems. The dreary state of the economy and joys of job hunting have been the main victims subjected to the sharp end of my pen. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Believe it or not I actually feel at peace with the problems in society. And I think its because society never seems to change. I don’t have the spirit or inspiration for change like of a figure head such as Nelson Mandela had, for example, therefore I figure there’s not much I can change. Obviously I can make my voice heard through a vote, but lets not get tangled into political intricacies.

As a result I decided to focus on myself. And therein lies the problem.

Its ironic that aspects of my job require man management because I genuinely believe that looking after the best interests of No1 is by far the hardest task. And I’m not necessarily talking about the basic life principles. After all its our obligation to forge an existence for ourselves. No its the stuff after that. The next stage. Being able to better ourselves. This I think is the hardest task. And its one, no doubt, that we will ever stop pursuing.

So at this stage in my life, 3 years on from being thrust into life after uni, the fight against myself is in full flow. The main problem I have is that I’m hungry to succeed. I’m all to egger to stamp my mark on the world. And the biggest raging problem I face is the task of turning creativity into cash!

Ideas and inspiration emanate from me like a explosion. And it all comes in a short injection of energy. The problem is, all to often, trying to harness and nurture these brainwaves into tangible tracks is like trying to keep hold of liquid gold that is quickly seeping through the cracks. A near impossible task.

So after all to often giving in to my popped balloon syndrome, this is the time where I begin to fight the fire. The first step in starting this process was to establish the problem. And it was quite easy to label. Motivation. My dirty demon holding me back in life is motivation. Letting laziness sugar coat my productivity has resulted in restriction. And returning back to my opening statement, I wonder if anyone else feeling the fight is in fact being defeated by this little diva that is motivation.

If motivation doesn’t want to play, nor do you. If motivation doesn’t want a new job, a new car or a nice house, the unfortunate reality is that your not likely to get one either.

The lucky thing that I have discovered however, is that that you can persuade motivation to cooperate. But it isn’t easy. It’s very much a working progress for me and I just hope that I can get motivation to crack. And when that day comes I think it might just be that little bit easier to push through those doors of success.

So I have a plan. And this plan is focussed on setting targets, breaking these down into manageable goals and then offering an award for completion. Simple I know but so far it seems to be working. The only hurdle that does seem to be cause for concern at this stage however, is overcoming problems. Even the most organised, enthusiastic and innovative worker in the world can come undone by a problem. So this is my next challenge. Motivation doesn’t like problems, so I now need to find a way to make motivation strong enough to work through them.

Its going to be an interesting battle and one I certainly look forward to sharing with the world some time soon.