Data skills test

For my data skills test I have chosen to highlight the figures based on the amount of British troops who lost their limbs in Afghanistan during the years 2006 to 2009. The data highlighted is used to suggest that the amount of casualties to troops serving in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq is gradually increasing year by year. This data is used in order to warn that hospitals treating the wounded from Afghanistan were close to capacity, and one hospital in  Birmingham which treats amputees has stated that it might need to displace civilians to make more room.

Above is a bar chart to show the data for the amount of Amputations on troops serving in Afghanistan between years 2006- 2009.


Story Idea 2

For my next idea I was considering to create an article based on the recent spending cuts that where enforced by the government. Obviously my article would be from a local perspective and was planning to speak to a council member and obtain a few quotes on what the cuts will involve and how this will affect the people of Preston. 

I was also hoping to get a vox pop in order to get public opinions on the cuts and maybe in addition to an interview from a local business who has been affected by the cuts.

For this I was hoping to include audio clips of various interviews and videos for my vox pops. I may also consider a google map of places in Preston likely to be hit by the cuts and also a timeline of when the cuts will take place etc.