A weight off the shoulders

I will always remember the day when I posted my last ever uni assignment through my tutors box.  The months of stress, hard work and sleepless nights all came to this abrupt end. I must admit it was a feeling like no other.

Several days earlier to this point was my dissertation deadline day. This was evidently the most stressful time-period at uni but ultimately the most rewarding upon completion!  The significant time consumption involved in this endeavour however came at a cost. After finishing I had to quickly get my head out the clouds and focus on ensuring that my last ever assignment was completed on time.

The period before my final ever assignment hand-in day followed all the typical traits of a stressful last-minute rush to beat the deadline. This was somewhat intensified however given the circumstances and vast work load.

The night previous to this penultimate day consisted of a library session that only ended in the early hours. This was followed by a sleepless night and an early wake-up call. The day was finally here. I began by forcing down some breakfast before immediately heading back to the library.

My first task was to go through and make any last-minute changes to my work. At this stage it was far too late to eradicate any major faults and this was therefore completed quickly to save time.

I then had the dreaded printing stage to endure. This task often presented problems and this crucial deadline typically followed suit. I found myself stuck in the printing shop encountering size issues and a lengthy wait. With only 10 minutes until my deadline I remained there and the nerves were rapidly kicking in.

Luckily with just over 5 minutes to spare I was free and ready to hand in. After a mad dash to the hand-in building I made it with a minute to spare. After quickly filling in the required module form it took me a split second to post what was possibly the last ever piece of work I will complete as a student of the University of Central Lancashire.

In my flustered state the reality of the situation failed to have an instant effect. As I left the room and made my way down the stairs leading out of the building however, an overwhelming feeling of relief and giddiness started to overwhelm me. It was over. I had to keep telling myself this because it felt like a dream.

As I left the building I stated to reminisce on the months of hard-work. This then lead to further thoughts of the three years’ worth of memories I had gained from my time at Uclan. I must admit there was both good and bad times. There were a lot of fun times, but there were also a lot of times where I wanted to give up.

As I continued my victory walk I reflected on my time at uni as a journey. It had its ups and downs along the way but I persisted and eventually came through to its end. Whether the journey was worthwhile or not still remains to be seen, however for the meantime I can look forward with hope knowing that if my journey has been successful, a window of opportunities to a brighter future that I didn’t have before may have been opened.

Looking back at my time at Uclan there’s one thing I can say for certain, although there has been a lot of tough times to get through, the good ones shine through and the overall experience has been an amazing one that I wouldn’t change for the world.  So any advice I could give to those just starting their journey is to embrace the challenge, enjoy the good times to the maximum but ultimately stick it out because the feeling you get after handing in that last ever assignment is a sense of achievement like no other!