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Trick or treat its time to complete

The journey towards launching my first ever book has been eventful. Just like the virtual reality theme that lies between the pages, anything can and has happened.

When the first sparks of inspiration illuminated my brain with the idea for The Invite, I had no clue what this adventure would have in store and how long it would last.

Now after 4 years of fun and games, I am finally on the verge of being awaken from the long slumber and it feels surreal. In the time that has passed, I have worked at home, fought redundancy, experienced redundancy, battled mental heath issues, started a new job, got offered another job, went back to working from home and then faced many months on Furlough due to the pandemic.

Its safe to say it has been a rollercoaster few years, but through it all The Invite has been a constant fixture, offering me a much-needed focus and escape.

In the several years of development, it is safe to say that my book has been on an adventure of its own too. What started out as a concept for a short story perhaps, has turned out to be more than I could have imagined as characters and content continued to grow and evolve by the day at times.

I started out with a simple message that I wanted to share with the world and as the last couple of years have passed, this message feels stronger and more pertinent than ever. I can’t wait to share it with you!

My baby is now on the cusp of being unleashed to the world and the reality is a bit scary to be honest, but I know the time is finally right for it to spread its wings.  

In my last update I was about to embark on a final proofread and I’m pleased to say that this is now complete. I have since created all the artwork and finalised a blurb, pictured below.

Final designs for The Invite

The only thing left to do is undertake one final read through and then I will reach the final destination.   

In what seems like quite a spooky coincidence, I completed my very first full draft of the book on the Halloween before last and my timing for finishing the whole thing fits rather nicely with the 31st October being a suitable pre-release date.

Some might say that this timing is an ominous omen, but I think there is something quite mystical about the whole thing.

Only time will tell if I’m missing a trick by publishing at this time. One thing I am hopeful of though is that anyone who does pick a copy, will be in for a treat.

I’m excited to announce that my next blog will include full pre-sale details for The Invite. Feel free to follow me below for an instant notification on my next update.  

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Over the Brick Wall

I want to first apologise for those of you who have been waiting patiently for an update on my publishing progress.

In these ever-changing times, the past few months have gifted us the opportunity to get out and live life again, albeit in this weird new normal we must adhere to. I have therefore had a bit of a break from the pen and paper in order to squeeze what little we have left of the great British summer.

I’m pleased to say I’m now powering full steam ahead towards completion and I can see a glimmer of the finish line ahead.

Aside from the obvious delay caused by the break, it has still felt a bit like trekking through thick mud at times in order to achieve my completion goal.

In the last update I convinced myself that the gold ribbon was a mere whisker away, when in reality the editing process took a few more beatings in order to create a conclusion that delivers what you, the reader, deserve. I had to battle my restless impatience in order to get things right.

The editing is now done and dusted and the book is with the proofreader for a final polish over. Touch wood, there should be no more set-backs from here and I think I will go ahead with the title reveal in my next update.

Now that life is getting back to normal, it is a race to finish line before my life is once again plunged into the full-time work routine of old. I can finally say with confidence that my warped new world will be with you in time for one more summer read before the leaves turn.

Watch this space.